Trying the poached egg hack.

This morning I decided to give the poached egg hack a go. It involved cracking a egg into half a cup of water. Preferably use a microwave safe mug, I then placed a microwave safe saucer on top of the mug. I then put it in the microwave for 60 seconds the egg came out... Continue Reading →

Go green expo

Today was a good day. I went to the go green and better food fair expo in Auckland, NZ. It had an array of natural health products including Bath and body care, vegetable garden irrigation systems, an array of vegan and green foods. Meditation and Chakra balancing sessions plus more. My favorite natural food product... Continue Reading →

My family member won a giveaway

Today has been a pleasent day. Our local grocery store were giving away $250 worth of groceries to over 100 people. I decided to enter my family member into the draw as he has had a rough year. He received a phone call yesterday and was informed that he had won a trolley full of... Continue Reading →


This evening I meet the past me, the me that lost her parent and had to figure out how to find a home and how to care for my siblings all in a matter of 1 week. I look back at how strong she was, how even though she was scared and afraid she got... Continue Reading →

Shot Bro Presentation

This morning I woke up and decided to watch a video presentation by Shot Bro. I missed the live event so I tuned into the video. Rob Mokaraka has a solo show in which he acts out and explains how he got through his 7 year journey with depression. The show is very relatable in... Continue Reading →


I read this quote and started self reflecting. As a human being I have suffered many traumas and a bucket load of grief. I don't say this for empathy. I express this because their were times when I had to grow up quickly. I was never prepared to experience loss so greatly. Experiencing finding my... Continue Reading →


Everytime I hear a sound that sounds like glass smashing, or a door shutting I get worried and run outside to check if anyone has smashed my car window. This has been triggered by a event in which my car window was smashed and broken into overnight. How can I move forward from this event... Continue Reading →

Emotions come to the Surface.

I found this quote, while I was sitting down scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. In New Zealand most of our population are brought up to be tough. If we have a sad or angry emotion we are commonly taught to harden up. This doesn't happen to the whole population just a majority of our population.... Continue Reading →

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